Content Management System

2011-09-09 A time to release all new features, fixes and nice improvements.
2009-09-11 Another release of a perl-based CMS with numerous new features.
2009-09-01 New community site and new book store are launched.
2008-08-09 New shop, community site and payment system are launched.

Project overview

Podius is a free software content management and web publishing system, that features:

  • no dependencies (download and run anywhere with perl installed)
  • intuitive component model with rich configurable properties
  • file-based or rdbms-based persistence and high level transactions
  • support for concurrency and auto-merged changes (optimistic locking)
  • nice and powerful template syntax, easily extensible
  • support for multilingual content, synchronized between languages
  • support for inheritable and reusable projects
  • clean storage-data division (no sql in perl code is needed)
  • clean data-presentation division (no perl code in html is needed)
  • management scripts, allowing full control from command line
  • web-based interface for non-technical editors


The latest release podius-5.4.0.tar.gz is available for download.